Yarn Base Information

Free shipping on USA orders over $100. Use coupon code FREESHIP If you’re a WAHM knitter or crocheter, contact me about yarn discounts for your business.

Sock yarn? Soaker yarn? Non Superwash? Superwash? It’s all here.

Specializing in a large selection of non-superwash yarn, perfect for diaper soaker knitting. We carry superwash yarns, too, which are wonderful for clothing. The categories on the left are divided into weight and superwash or non-superwash and yarn weight.

I love custom yarn orders! Have a fabric, photo, or palette you’d like to see as a colorway on my yarn? Contact me and I will work with you to create something unique. I use wool blend yarns and professional acid dyes. Click to see available yarn bases.

You can see all the colorways on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/berrypatch/sets/72157629848656825/

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Need matching trim? Convo me! We offer several types of yarn. Most are re-orderable, but some may be only offered occasionally due to limited availability.


-Berry Soft & Strong Sock – 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon 4 ply fingering weight Super soft and very fine, yet strong, due to the nylon. Buttery smooth and supple. A pleasure to knit with. Not just for socks! Make gorgeous shawls or lacey cowls with this yarn. A light fingering yarn with 463 yards per 100 grams or 3.5 oz. $20 per 3.5 oz skein

-Berry Smoothie HT Sock -single ply SW merino sock. A light fingering yarn. 100 % superwash Merino. This yarn is so silky and smooth. It was spun with a high twist (HT) and when not knit can have a curly appearance. Highly twisted sock yarn tends to be more durable, then the same yarn with a lighter twist. It glides through your fingers and onto your needles effortlessly. It is a light fingering yarn and makes lovely shawls and socks. 3.5oz or 100 grams approx 400 yards. $20 per 3.5oz skein.

-“Panda” Yarn SW 60% Superwash Wool/30% Bamboo/10% Nylon approx 436 yards per 4oz This yarn is very soft, has antibacterial properties, and dyes up lighter than some yarns. $23.50 per 4oz skein

-Berry Springy Sock SW 2 ply Merino w/nylon 80% superwash Merino/ 20% nylon approx 400yards/100 gram skein. This yarn is a tightly spun 2 ply yarn. It dyes vibrantly. $20.00 per 100 gram skein

– Berry Luscious -2 ply Merino/silk 80/20 Fingering weight 150 grams. This is a large skein, enough for knitting shawls. The yarn has a silky sheen and lovely drape. 600 yards per 150gram skeins. $35 per 150 grams

-Berry Luxe Sock – 2 ply MCN High Twist 80% superwash Merino/ 10% Cashmere/ 10% Nylon. Soft, luxurious, rich. 400 yards per 100 grams. $26 per 100 gram skein

Sport/DK/Light worsted:

-Berry Patch DK Merino -4-ply merino DK 100% wool 300 yards/4oz. $22 per 4oz skein

-Berry Succulent 8 ply merino superwash sport DK 3.5 oz 274 yards per 100 grams. It is a lush, dense, cabled yarn made up of 8 plies making it beautiful and strong. It has a velvety, neat, round appearance, so your stitch definition will really pop. This yarn has received rave reviews. Perfect for baby clothing, sweaters, shawls, or warm socks. $22 per 3.5 oz

-Gaia Worsted -certified organic merino 100% wool 280 yards/4oz. Light worsted weight. $23 per 4oz skein

-Berry Smoothie DK -SIngle ply 100% superwash merino. 240 yards per 100 grams. $22 per 100 grams skein

-Berry Sweet 4 ply merino superwash DK 100 % superwash Merino DK weight 4 oz 250 yards per 115 grams. Made up of 4 plies with a lovely twist. Wonderful for garments. $21 per 4 oz

Worsted Weight :

-Berry Soft 3 ply Merino worsted Berry Patch Merino 100% wool 3.5oz or 100 grams approx 218 yards $18 per 3.5oz

-Mountain Meadow worsted weight 2-ply mountain merino 100% wool 196 yards/3.5oz $21 per 3.5oz skein

-Mountain Meadow worsted weight 3-ply mountain merino 100% wool 196 yards/3.5oz $21 per 3.5oz skein. *This tends to have slightly more texture than the 2 ply Mountain Meadow

-Berry Basic Merino 100% merino approx 218 yards/100 gram skein. A bouncy 4 ply merino yarn. A good choice for longies and soakers or felting projects. $17.00 per 100 gram skein

-Single Ply Uruguayan Merino 100% wool 3.5oz/217 yards. Knits up like a heavier worsted weight. This yarn is super soft and will felt easily. Not a great choice for active toddler diaper soakers, because of the extreme tendency to felt in the wet zone. $16.00 per 3.5oz skein

-Blackberry Ridge 3 ply Merino 100% wool worsted weight 250 yards/4oz. This yarn is very natural and minimally processed. $21.00 per 4oz skein

-Beaverslide 2 ply Beargrass 100% Delaine Merino 240 yards/4oz. This is a very natural, minimally processed yarn. $23.00 per 4oz skein

Aran/Heavy Worsted Weight:

*SOLD OUT* -British BFL 100% Blue Faced Leicester 3-ply approx 200 yards/ 4oz. Takes dye vibrantly. Has less sheen than the heavier weight BFL listed below, looks more cottony. $21.00 per 4.3oz skein

-BFL -100% Blue Faced Leicester 3-ply approx 168 yards/4oz. Has a lustrous, silky sheen and dyes up vibrantly. Excellent yarn for longies or soakers for heavy wetting toddlers. It resists pilling and holds up well. $22.00 per 4.4oz skein

Berry Blue Faced Aran -BFL Blue Faced Leicester 3-ply 183 yards per 100 grams/3.5 oz. Has a lustrous, silky sheen and dyes up vibrantly. Excellent yarn for longies or soakers for heavy wetting toddlers. It resists pilling and holds up well. $20 per 3.5oz skein

-Cestari Fine Merino Yarn 100 grams 3.5 oz. Approximately 170 yards 2 Ply Yarn spun on the traditional woolen system. Gauge: Approx. 4 sts = 1 inch – size 8 needles Hand Wash – Cold Water – Dry Flat $21 per 3.5 oz skein


Gaia Bulky -certified organic 100% merino wool. 152 yards/4 oz. $23 per 4 oz skein.


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